What happens while native code (e.g. SPI.ReadWrite) are being executed?

Simple question, is anything else happening in the background while native calls like SPI.ReadWrite are executed?

I’m under the impression that everything is suspended except for that native call. All threads, other native code, GC, etc. are paused until SPI.ReadWrite returns. Is that correct?

@ untitled -

Correct, I think :smiley:

@ Dat - Thanks, I was actually wishing you’d say there was something happening that I could suspend. I’m picking up some occasional “noise” along with my data while reading data over SPI. The frequency seems to be in the 2ms range. The EE I work with isn’t a netmf fan. He suspects GC, threading, etc. He also knows basically nothing about netMF, but I’ve had enough headaches with unexpected gotchas that I he got me wondering myself. …It doesn’t help that I am by no means an EE. In my mind there’s nothing I can do (accidentally) to generate noise like what we’re dealing with. It seems obvious that this is a hardware problem…But of course, that’s what I want to think so it’s easy to believe.

It seems EE are all the same :slight_smile: My relationships with our EEs are exactly like you described!..

@ Simon from Vilnius, sorry but not all EE are the same… if that the case then every apple will taste the same I guess… ;D