What do you need out of Bluetooth?

If a product had NETMF and Bluetooth, what features do you need from Bluetooth? There is an endless list of modules. Some are limited but they have a simple defined interface, take the BC118 for example. Some are programmable, which complicate things, but they are flexible. But then you have to programs to worry about. I like the silicon labs blue gecko. It has built in commands and it is scriptable but then it also allows for programming.

Any experience with modules you have used in the past?

@ Gus - If I only had one option, a module with full support for current Bluetooth LE specs would be what I’d want.

That being said, I also really liked working with the old GHI BT module, because of the simple serial-style SPP communication. Sometimes that’s enough, and if it means a cheaper module, that would be a nice option.


Definitely something more full stack. It’d be great if I could communicate with a PS or XBox controller to drive my Cerbots around. :slight_smile:

Bluegiga products are terrific. I have used the BLED112, BLE112, BLE113 and BLE112LR extensively. I am looking to replace the BLE113 in one of my products with the Gecko. The Gecko adds RTCC and maintains excellent low power consumption which is nice. They have a variety of modules in the classic and BLE variety that all use a common core software. Their BGAPI is really slick and easy to implement. You can also script the modules to be autonomous for ultra-low power applications. Support is excellent, dev kits are not too expensive and there are a number of breakouts are available. Only downside is that if you want to develop native code on the device you need IAR which is $$$$.

I think that there are two mostly desired functions that are wanted be realized with a Bluetooth-Module on a NETMF/Gadgeteer device? And - there is the price, too expensive will not sell.

  1. Communication with smartphones (Windows Phone, iOS, Android) and PCs.
    For PC and Windows Phones there are already Bluetooth 2.1 spp or Rfcomm solutions.
    Since iOS does not work with Bluetooth 2.1 Rfcomm, a BLE solution should be better.
    There is already Justin’s Bluetooth smart module which (as far as I can see) works without a pairing Pin. There is
    the open questions: How to bind the connection to a selected peer?
    Which other available BLE Modules support pairing or another kind of secure binding to Phone or PC?
  2. Receiving messages from low power peripheral BLE supporting sensors. Preferably it should be possible that
    numerous BLE supporting sensors send to one BLE supporting NETMF/Gadgeteer device.
    (I don’t know which of the commercially available BLE modules supports this function)
  3. The price: not more than 35 $.