What do I need to get started?

Hello Everyone,

I’m a long time desktop developer who’s just dipping into embedded development and want to put together some ideas I’ve had for a while. I know what hardware I need and it’s available from GHI but I’m wondering what do I put it all together on?

Will I need some sort of breadboard to attach the electronics too? If so, what does everyone suggest? Also, what about power? I’m probably going to use some sort of battery for power. Is there a power module I need to buy?


Depends on what are planning to do. For small projects the power provided on the board is enough. It is always good to have a couple of breadboards. What hardware did you decided on?

Thanks for the quick reply, Architect! So the hardware I’m going to use is pretty simple:

  • FEZ Cerebrus Mainboard
  • USB Client DP Module
  • Camera Module
  • SD Card Module
  • Accelerometer Module
  • GPS Module
  • Cellular Radio

I know that seems like a lot of hardware (maybe?) but that’s what I need. I guess my main questions are pretty much the same. Obviously, I need to power all this stuff and I need to mount it. Any suggestions?

With gadgeteer, you usually do not need breadboards but it is an option if you need it.

Camera won’t work on Cerberus. Not enough ram. Unless someone came up with a smart way to make it work. Others listed should be fine.

Welcome to the community.

Thanks, Gus. I could probably get by without the camera if I had to. It’s one of those ‘like to have’s’ rather than a must have.

From the GHI catalog for the cellular radio module:

Note: This module uses a large amount of power. Use of a USBClientDP module and external power is strongly suggested.

Hmm, perhaps I should rethink my design.

What do you want to build?