What components needed - PANDA II


Recently I had to re-start a 2 years old FEZ Panda II projects. Looks like things have changed since this time, with this Gadgeteer everywhere!

I have to reinstall all the PC-side stuff, since I have a freshly installed Windows 7.
I looked at a pre-built package, I found this : http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/search?q=what+components+needed

  1. This package is for Spider. Can I use it for my FEZ Panda.
    If yes, is it enough?
    if not is there any pacakge for Panda II?

  2. Amongst these things, what is specific for Spider, and what is not? In particular, the “USB drivers”…
    GHI’s NETMF SDK 4.1 (included in pack)
    Microsoft’s .NET Gadgeteer SDK (included in pack)
    GHI’s .NET Gadgeteer SDK (included in pack)
    USB drivers (included in pack)
    Getting started guide (included in pack)

Note : I have VS Ultimate, not express.

Thanks for your light!

everything you need is here.


Install the netmf 4.2 QFE2 SDK, and the GHI 4.1 netmf+Gadgeteer SDK that is marked optional