What comes May 1st?

Multiple things are ready to be announced on the 1st! But they are all awesome and each deserves its own announcement, meaning we will not announce all in one day.

So, which one would you like us to announce first? :stuck_out_tongue:

(I understand that you do not know what they are yet, just teasing!)


My vote

  1. Project Magma
  2. The Netmf flux capacitor
  3. The STM hip hop noise cancelling device
  4. Anything running Windows 95 on bare metal



Please announce total and complete support for all low power modes on the Raptor ARM 9 processor first. After that, I’d appreciate the announcement about the new, fully compiled .Net Micro Framework with performance exceeding that of any C/C++ compiler in the known universe. After that , please provide a link to the press release from Microsoft where they announce that .Net Micro is their new flagship product and they will be devoting 30% of their resources to making it the embedded and IoT market leader. After that, feel free to announce whatever you’d like.

Just kidding (kind of), I’ll be looking forward to whatever you announce on and after May 1.

Is this like a wish list, then?

How about this: announce that, in the interest of speed-to-market, platform stability and reliability, and increased portability, you’re now consolidating all your products onto one MCU vendor/architecture.

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GHI, is going to announce that they discovered a time portal to the future, and that they will be bringing us technology from far in the future?

Better start saving some money now for the new toys :whistle:


One announcement to rule them all :whistle:

I guess you should start announcing stuff now instead of waiting.

A new (low cost) mainboard that supports Gadgeteer on Windows 10.

Panda 11

What? Skip 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 & 10??? :whistle:

Skiping would make it the Panda 100 :think:

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Raptor like board running full .NET.
8 GIG memory

All for $100.00 + $100.00 shipping and handling.

I thought you were talking about a Panda 11 not the Panda 0b11. :-[

Panda iii would be nice… But we need a nice chipset for it. Any suggestions?

New Open Firmware for all devices?

Raptor II.

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even smaller than the cerb40 2 board?

Funny the last two replies are exactly the opposite. One for larger than raptor and one smaller than cerb :slight_smile:

@ Gus - I was not referring to the size, I had in mind CPU power.

Btw, G1000 SoM would be fine as well 8)