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What board to use?



I am thinking about building a system that allows me to monitor my small apartment through a few simple sensors (temperature, power sensor to detect whether a device is switched on or off) and I would like to do simple controlling tasks like switching devices on and off.

Also, I want to hook up the whole thing to a network and run a small server on the controlling device that exposing all the monitoring and controlling functions (either a TCP based API or better an HTTP REST Api).

What board should I start with? Is there one that has Ethernet integrated so I don’t need any additional shields and stuff like that?


I think “FEZ Cobra” it has integrated ethernet and a full tcp/ip stack


Definitely Cobra. You an even add a nice GUI if you opt for the screen.


I have a couple of cobra’s They have Ethernet sockets. But all boards take the add on Ethernet shield.

Cheers Ian

Geeesh two reply’s while I was replying


Thanks for your quick answers, guys!

Is it easy to build an HTTP server on the Cobra? I.e. are there libraries so that I only have to write the code for what to answer to an HTTP request (for building an HTTP API).


Look at the site

You have a great HTTP server by Wouter Huysentruit