"...what became of the object"?!?!?

[url]University of St Andrews scientists create 'fastest man-made spinning object' - BBC News

I discovered this article today, and it blew my mind.

Does anyone else know anything more about this?

EDIT: They think it broke up, but they are not sure.


It spuntaneously evaporated.

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“The spinning sphere turned into a miniature gyroscope, stabilising itself. The ball cooled as it span to −233°C (−387°F, 40 Kelvin).”

Cooled as it [em]span[/em]? Is that the past tense of spin?I thought it was “spun”

Nevertheless, very interesting.

I wonder how they measured the temperature of something spinning that fast.

@ mtylerjr - I wonder how they did that too. Yea it should be spun.