What are the network chipsets supported?

I understand that the dev board has the click interfaces to plug in a network module but what are the supported options ?

  • Ethernet through ENC28 or Wiznet parts ?
  • Is there a PHY only option ?
  • Wifi through ESP parts ?

Ethernet built in and ENC28J60

WiFi is naively interfaced to WINC1500 using SPI, not AT commands. This is a real interface so it is 100% secure and you have real TLS support from .NET

Mobile works through PPP. Again, secure since all data over PPP is encrypted.

ESP is not secure and we do not trust it anyway.

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Which of the WINC1500 modules from Mouser would work with the SC20260B? There are a number of choices from this list.


They are all the same in our case

1500 smaller flash
1510 larger flash

The last digits indicate what software is loaded but we support software update.

They only thing left is U for connector antenna vs P for PCB

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Thanks Gus. Will we be able to get the hook up details for this module?

It is spi bus. What other info do you need?

There are other control lines for WAKE, RESET, CHIP_ENABLE etc. What else is used other than SPI?

Chip enable and reset. Use any gpio. We will be documenting it in details.

so the WIFI 7 CLICK will be a good one to use for testing on the dev board ?

Yup :slightly_smiling_face:

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from part number, the last 4 digi numer 1954 or 196 are good to go.

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Thanks. I’ve placed an order with Mouser this evening. :slight_smile: