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Welcome. New version released


[title]Welcome to the Glide board.[/title]

Glide V 1.0.0 has been released:

Moving forward we’ll address any bugs we find or the community finds to ensure stability. We’ll also take feature/component suggestions which will go into the next major release. Please share your findings and projects so we can improve Glide further.


I like to add that more details on licensing Glide will be up in few days. Do not worry, we are keeping it free for non-commercial use so you can still enjoy it.


Thanks guys, looking forward to trying out the latest version (now that the hurricane, earthquakes, and swamp fires are over here in VA ??? ). Also, just want to thank you for all you have done on this and many other projects here. There are several choices out there for NETMF developers but it is this type of “going the extra mile” that really differentiates GHI from the others. Glad I went with GHI…almost feel sorry for those that get their boards from other vendors :wink:


Great! Now Gus knows about swamp fires too.


All those good words is what makes all this happen, thanks.


Awesome! Glide is just great! 8)


Now that I got my hands on a Glide capable board, I’ve had a chance to try it out and I gotta say IT’S AWESOME !!! I’ve been doing WPF development at my day job for the last 18 months, and am totally jazzed to have something similar in NETMF. Thanks for taking the pain out of uC UI dev and making it Freakin’ Easy. Looking forward to lots of new features!


First of all - great job on Glide, this is a great idea and very easy to use!

One problem I ran into twice yesterday - is that I was building a window that had quite a few controls (mostly TextBlocks, a few TextBoxes and I think 2 buttons) - and when I choose Window -> Show XML, nothing would happen. I tried selecting different things, and anything else I could to try to get it to work - but it simply wouldn’t - just nothing happenned. Once it would no longer Show XML, it wouldn’t work from that point on, I’d have to reload the page to get it to work again (which means I lost my changes).

Also - it would be ideal to have a downloadable .exe version of this, I can’t tell you how many times I accidentally closed the browser or hit the back button in the browser (which means I lost my changes)!

Aside from that - you guys are doing a REALLY great job, Glide is great - please keep it up!


@ RobSeder - best bet for a quick response is to post this issue as a new thread in this forum.


“Do not worry, we are keeping it free for non-commercial use so you can still enjoy it.”

What are the license restrictions on it for commercial? I cant seem to find any license for it at the moment?