Welcome Back to the internet GHI

Hey, what happened this morning, we were worried…

down for a good few hours here in blighty

The server simply decided to quit! I think all we did was reset the server. Sorry for any inconvenience.

You’re running your own server? In 2016?


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Put one of your Monkeys in front of the reset button, and if he gets no ping every Minute, he should push it.

Push the button

I never said that but, in 2016, you can remotely reset the server :slight_smile:

you know what they say about people who assume… :whistle:

I’m sorry, who are you again? :smiley:

You can also set them to auto-reset if the website goes down :wink:

This is a 2017 upgrade lol

I wonder if you could find someone with the ability to design a small embedded network device that would reboot the server in the event of a failure? :think:

I wonder where we could find such people?


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Yea, that kind of technical expertise is hard to find. We need some kind of arduino like device. Ah I know a RPI! :open_mouth:

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You can “apparently” see interesting details of the ghi’s server just by putting random characters in the URL.

Like, it is running on a device with a strange resolution LCD
The IP address is random
The MAC address is random

And about a random amount of heap space.



I cannot see that 404 page. The version of the firmware on that page does not match the version installed on my system. The debugger was not able to connect.



Ah, nice, I see this too.