Weeeeeeeee - Mr DHL has been :)

Happy days at the office :slight_smile:

Big thanks to Lauren and the team at DFRobot as i now have a swag of new module to play with :slight_smile:

And Mr Fedex has arrived with goodies from China and Texas - off to giggle in the corner of the office :smiley:

Woh, you’re to become a Universal ‘Solder’ ! :slight_smile:

Ooooo, pretty… :smiley:

Might have to turn the Wattage down :smiley:


Any new modules?

@ Architect - From DF or from me for tomorrow? :wink:

Here’s my latest bubbled wrapped goodness :slight_smile:

@ andre.m - And with the cost of Lego in the UK probably cheaper :smiley:

I’m curious to see what that “Stereo UV” module is all about.

@ ianlee74 - nothing overly exciting…just some leds…

Too humble… You modules are always exciting!

Stop, you will make be blush :smiley: