Webserver extension for FEZ Cobra

To all that use the webserver extension for FEZ Cobra I posted on code.tinyclr.com

I have updated the code to make it more stable. So I suggest that you use the modified code in your project.


Thanks for sharing.

The webserver extension has been updated on code.tinyclr.com

It can now handle multipart/form-data enctypes and you can now upload files.

Can you confirm this code is open for all to use from a license point of view? There is no license in the code, only [italic]Copyright by Fastload-Media.be[/italic] (no issues with that part)

Just want to make sure before I incorporate it into a project - looks great though!

The GNU GPL v3 license is applied, I have added a header to the source code.

For other license options, you can contact me through the webform on [url]http://www.fastload-media.be/index.php?p=contact[/url]