WebClient and lingering issue

I’m using the WebClient in Gadgeteer to do some http requests. For the most part it works fine, however in some cases I believe I’m running into the “lingering” issue I’ve read about on the forums. However, all the examples are pure Socket based and I’m trying to keep this as abtract as possible (meaning, within the sphere of Gadgeteer).

Is there anyway to muck around with that lingering stuff in or easily around a WebClient?


Mr. Bildo

I think architect showed us some code to tap into the HTTP code and change the linger option long time ago. Are you there FEZ King?

Do you mean this one?


So it wan’t you :slight_smile: Thanks for finding it. I added it to my watch list in case I need it in future.

OK, that works. I can live with using reflection.

Thank you, gentlemen!

No problem! And thanks to the original author for posting it. ;D