Webcam image processing


Do you think using a webcam on a board as a FEZ Spider, ans doing some image processing on it is possible?
By image processing i mean, shape recognition, like circle, color and to locate them in the picture with something like opencv.


Welcome Kabriolin.

I am betting you haven’t got a Spider and you’re looking to buy one if it will meet your needs?

You’re not the only one to have asked this question in recent times. Are you doing a School or Uni project by any chance?

I think the most important factor is how fast between recognition you want. I doubt you’ll achieve what you want on a 72mhz device, unless you’re happy with potentially seconds between images?

Edit: here’s another thread

Exactly, l’am looking if it’s could be possible. But not for a school project.

The project is divided in many parts.
I don’t need it to be very fast, for exemple, take a picture process on it, I’ll need the result maybe a few seconds later.

Why not take a picture then send over wifi to a pc that does the image processing.

Sur, but the system must be embedded, and there is no place for a PC.

As i said on the other thread;, there might be enought space for a smartphone which combine good camera, great calculation power and communication (bluetooth or wifi)

I’m working on a Panda/bluetooth + Windows Phone 6 device at the moment.