Web Server

I’m doing a web server with Domino and Wiz5100 FEZ.
I’ve made a connection through a PC but now want to make several calls from different pc’s.
Someone who can help me I appreciate it.

And where exactly do you need help?

Keep in mind that you have only 4 sockets available.


I have not done this on the Domino as I don’t have a Wiz5100.

But I have done it on the PC. You will need to spawn a new thread to handle each new PC…

There are several code examples for this. I use Nicolas3’s NetConfig, which has a nice configuration UI. Check out [url]http://code.tinyclr.com/project/308/netconfig-wiz5100-http-configuration-framework/[/url] . He spent a lot of time refining this code, and it handles network related exceptions very well. Also see this thread [url]http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/2/2795/[/url]

[edit] Both Nicolas’ and Joe’s code will run a wiz5100 chip, but there are differences on the pinouts depending on what board/shield you are using. The Connect shield available here has driver code and works ‘out of the box’. I also successfully used a WIZ811MJ with both web servers with very minor tweaks to the code (pin assignments).

This is a complete web server for FEZ Connect (Wiznet5100)


I need to spawn a new thread to handle each new PC, how to do it? can you post a example please?