Web server for FEZ Cobra on Google Code


I have posted a web server for the FEZ Cobra on Google Code. It’s far from being perfect and documentation is non-existent, but I use it with positive result in my own projects.
The MicroWebServer can serve static pages from resource files, dynamic pages and restfull web services.
Ideas, comments, questions, criticism or contributions are welcome.
You can find it on Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.


Hi StefaanV,
Welcome to the community, may i suggest you post your code on CodeShare…


for one it will never be lost and second you get to earn few points doing that…
Also you may check out the other servers on CodeShare to get some inspiration…

thank you for sharing…

@ Jay Jay: Larger projects can benifit from some kind of source control like GIT, SVN or whatever Google Code is using.

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