Wearable Displays

I never knew there are glasses that can display stuff.
Imagine watching movies and play games on this.

There’s a wide variety of glasses for this with varying quality and price. Don’t forget Google Glass (which has a price for $1K USD); I also read about a competitor that’s hoping to beat Google both on release date and price (about $100 cheaper)

But the Google Glasses don’t have a 1080p camera with video. Also these glasses have support for 3d.
It seems like Microsoft and Sony are even going into the augmented reality field.

My eyes already support 3D…

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I’ve been watching these types of glasses with interest for at least 15 years now… I think we may just about be to the point where they start becoming worth checking out. However, they’re going to have to get a lot cheaper than $1K before I take one for a drive. The Vuzix glasses are reaching a tolerable price point. Has anyone tried any?

I think the killer app here is augmented reality. The screens need to be transparent so data can be overlaid on the world. Ideally, it’d be some sort of micro-projection system, and the lenses could be darkened on command for video display or something like that.

Strangely, I’m not really that interested in augmented reality that requires glasses. What I am interested in though is having a first person view of R/C planes/quadcopters/etc. or just the possibility of being able to work on a laptop in private while being in public. I think there’s a definite need for both types of glasses - those you can see through and those you can’t.

Baa, the best is to use a video camera to get a feed of the real world onto which you can overly.

I bought a second hand VR headset around 13 years ago, don’t know how old the glasses actually are though. It hashas nice head trackinng but horrid 320x240 resolution. It does have a visor that can be removed though that makes them semi transparent, almost the darkness of sun glasses.

Think they are from a long dead company called VR-IO.

My brother in law has a newer pair, think bought from HobbyKing, that he uses with a camera + transmitter on his quad rotor helicopter for “first person view” flying. But that set does not have 3d nor head tracking.

I used to feel exactly like that. Now, however, I wear glasses all time time, so the “requires glasses” thing doesn’t bother me at all.