We will hit 100,000 posts and 10,000 topic, maybe today

@ andre.marschalek, @ ianlee74

Thank you!

Worker bees can leave
Even drones fly away
The queen is their slave.

Steady on fella, only Kiwi’s no Ru’s in NZ…Brett will have to sort that out :smiley:

Get your Kangaroo bags here!

@ ianlee74 - Bit of GooTube to pass the time…

Morning one and all. See we haven’t crested it yet!

Yeah, I’ll go looking for roo bags at one of the souvenir shops in Sydney CBD. Might even have colour options, eastern grey, and big ol red. :slight_smile:


Look, we hit 100000 posts, or 10000 topics, whatever is appropriate (just getting in, in case we went over :slight_smile: )

15 posts to go :wink:

Morning Brett, time for coffee, croissants and F5 a :wink:

@ Gus - You should have left all those Girlie dress posts in from this morning - i hand some gems of reply’s ready…would have knocked us over 100k by now :smiley:

Sorry I have nothing to add right now, but I have some plans to post a project etc later today so congrads to poster #100,000 and congrads to the community for being so active.

@ Duke Nukem - was wondering where you were hiding…

what (pleasantly) surprises me is the “550 users recently active”. That’s a great number IMHO !

I will be lucky. :slight_smile:
Hope so.

We have 100,000 posts. Am I lucky?

we have 100,000 posts

We have 100000 posts!!! :dance:

Just in case. We have 100,000 posts.

lol - and the winner is…

bingo! Look, we hit 100000 posts,

dang, it jumped about 9 right at the last second