We need better examples and documentation for FEZ Medusa and Lynx

My Medusa boards arrived today! Woohoo! :slight_smile:

I hope this does not come over as negative because I’m actually very excited about Medusa and Lynx… but… I’m a little bit disappointed with the limited documentation and examples so far around on the product. I would have thought that since these products are being sold already that by now there would be some better examples around than mere blinking of the mainboard LED. I think these products have great potential to pull in a wider community into the Gadgeteer world, but for that we need proper examples that actually do stuff. I also find that unless I search around here on the forum, I found it hard to even find the few useful bits of info like the links below. (That is why I listed them again.)

I installed the Gadgeteering SDK for the FEZ Medusa and FEZ Lynx as described here: https://www.ghielectronics.com/community/forum/topic?id=14207

And I looked at the two very basic examples included in the Arduino environment and the examples shown here:

current state of affairs:
Truly - just getting started
The minute we passed our goal on Kickstarter, effort was on the framework, already re-written twice. Likewise with documentation, we have finished iteration one on Medusa; re knee-deep on Lynx, then back to Medusa. Should be done very soon.
Contributions on forum - it’s just getting started there as well, so there really isn’t a lot there. It seems to be snowballing.[/ul]
I will try to find some additional Sketches to post. Most of the bigger ones used in-house were done in version 1 of the framework for demos. I’ll see about getting a couple of those converted to current beta framework and post on codeshare. Most of those require more modules, so you may not be able to run them, but at least you’ll have more to look at.

Thanks Jeff. At least I am now able to run Architect’s snake game. This is an excellent demo for Fez Mini Starter kit. (Just needs to add some sounds to the Tunes board to make it complete.)

@ KiwiSaner - Thanks!

I don’t have Tunes module, but I have my old Piezo module:

which is basically the same.

I will try to incorporate that into the game and will post an update.