We need a "Flag As Spam" button

The forum seems to be pretty popular these days. I think that users with more than 1K experience points and 1 year age, should see a “flag as spam” option. when it gets more than 5 hits -> hide the post.


+100 !

Yes, fight the invasion of the Kitchen Designers 8)


I just fill in their nice online forms with lots of very bad swear words and post it as many times as I feel like doing :slight_smile:

Might be the wrong way.
They shortly posted how much they like this forum :think:

I have been deleting their account and posts daily, about four posts everyday, for about a week now!

@ Gus, we wanna help you!

I don’t know what to say about that but I am smiling and the white coats in the bunker lab are all giddy right now. Welcome to the dark side of the IoT as I hope no one is naïve enough to believe people aren’t working on all sorts of dark arts with devices :wink:

I don’t think it is so much that they are naive enough to believe people aren’t rather than people are more willing to sweep it under the rug…until their credit card numbers get stolen :wink:

I think people understand that black hats are a necessary evil in today’s world. They need to figure out how to break the system in order for us to realize just how much still needs to be improved.

And just think, the hacker persona that we apply to people today originated because someone was illegally inventing a technology that today people with social anxiety can’t live without: Caller ID.

Make opening an account in the forum a bit challenging… like ask a question about simple electronics or development…