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We have attachments


Do you know that we can now attach images to the forum? This is only available to admins for now just to make sure it is working.

Here is one image :smiley:


This is a good feature. I like the BOSS monkey on that image :slight_smile:


Love it, it makes it all easier. No tinypic or imageshack links anymore ! :dance:


Nice feature indeed ! :clap:


Nice Feature, any plans to release to the rest of us?


Excellent! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m looking forward to “profusely illustrate” my question or answer!



Sam, are you the same Sam that fixed the typos on the ebook?


Sam, I checked your email and it is you :slight_smile:
You are defiantly not a newbie. You have gone through the whole book and fixed it :wink:

You have received 500 bonus experience points. Thanks for going through the ebook.


Thanks Gus,
I just downloaded the new eBook (v 1.02) you just posted.
And will recheck for some typo that I “may be” missed on this one.



Nice work, Sam :clap: