Way of anchoring boards down

Might be a silly question but I’m new to the gadgeteer and am just wondering what I can attach the boards to so they don’t become a mess of wires when I’m developing. They have holes in the corners but I’m not sure what they are called to search for the product on amazon.

Not sure if this thread is still relevant but you might want to check this: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=5807&page=1#msg55256

Also check Pete Browns blog: First Experiences with the new Netduino GO, and how it relates to .NET Gadgeteer - Pete Brown's 10rem.net

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You can also use these http://www.robotshop.com/tamiya-universal-plate-set-2pcs.html
I know Devhammer has them and loves them

Amazon also stock these.

My only complaint thus far with this and 4/40 screws is around stacking. For example I’m building my own rover and have multiple plates but the longest I’ve been able to find #4 screws is 1 inch which isn’t long enough to reach beyond the motor height on the first plate so how do I securely attach the upper plate. I found some 1 inch 4/40 female spacers at Jameco ( 2112-440-A: RAF Electronic Hardware : .250" Hex Female Standoff 4-40 Thread 1" Length Aluminum : Electromechanical ) and ordered a bunch, workable but took to much time to hunt down resources and get (so combined with 1 inch upper and lower screws I should be able to get a maximum 2 1/2 inch stack height which is ample for what I’m needed now) . I haven’t been able to convince my local Home Depot to stock everything that I need for my Gadgeteering addiction, but I’m still working on them.

Yup. Big fan of the Tamiya universal plates. I get mine at pololu.com.

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I have a couple of the Tamiya plates and aren’t super happy with their rigidity and mounting methods.

I am in the process of putting up pictures and designs of my mounting boards and hardware. (See this thread to win up to $100US of boards/board work or a GHI gift certificate: http://www.tinyclr.com/forum/topic?id=8504 )

Here are examples of the work I’ve documented so far:



and for Ian’s build of the GadgeTab (Software & Sawdust: Gadgetab – the Gadgeteer Tablet), I made this:

Shoot me a note at Contact Me – stevepresley.net and will be glad to prototype something for you and work out the details if you want me to manufacture and resell it for you :wink:


Search for PN#'s:

92185A131 Type 316 Stainless STL Socket Head Cap Screw 4-40 Thread, 2" Length
92949A118 18-8 SS Button Head Socket Cap Screw 4-40 Thread, 1-1/4" Length


Female-Female (Up to 4" long):
91780A057 Aluminum Female Threaded Hex Standoff 1/4" Hex, 4" Length, 4-40 Screw Size

Male-Female (Up to 1" long in 3/16" Hex, up to 3" long in 1/4" Hex):
93505A107 Aluminum Male-Female Threaded Hex Standoff 3/16" Hex, 3/4" Length, 4-40 Screw Size
93505A012 Aluminum Male-Female Threaded Hex Standoff 1/4" Hex, 3" Length, 4-40 Screw Size

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I think we need to chip in and get you a macro lens. Love the pics, but need moar FOCUS! :slight_smile:

HA, yeah, I sold my brother my Canon T2i rig and lenses since they sat in the case 99.9% of the year, will pick up a new one once the company is up and going (yay, tax write-offs!) and get some better actual pics of the FBBC’s… I think the Nokia 900 did fairly good (although some of those were before I realized it actually has a macro setting!)