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Watchdog Barf


Two undesirable effects of using a watchdog timer:

  1. When implementing the Fez watchdog timer, I’ve noticed that when monitoring the serial port, I get a mess of seemingly random characters transmitted from the Domino to the PC just prior to reboot.

  2. Also, having watched and repeated this behavior a number of times, I also note, curiously enough, that the Domino once rebooted by the watchdog timer now redirects debugging information out to the serial port instead of the USB port, which it appears to lock-out. (The PC no longer sees the USB port after a watchdog reset.)

As I am interfacing a 2M ham radio with TNC to the domino, I’d rather not barf that garbage over the air, particularly because this rig will be flying on a balloon at high altitude. And I especially don’t want the USB client port to go out to lunch after a watchdog reboot, as I may need it for a sensor or other device.

Am I missing something, or is this supposed to happen?


This is all a coincidence I believe. Watchdog is not related ot anything you are seeing.