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Watchdog and 'System.InvalidOperationException


i just restart

i test with unplug and restart but same error


@ francois910 - That is the source of the problem, we do not uninitialized watchdog properly during a restart. The only workaround is to completely unplug the board and plug it back in. This will be fixed in the next release.


Ok, ty.

Note, if i unplug and plug it’s not good too for restart with wisualstudio .I need to put a program without watchdog and reset after a new program with a watchdog to be able to restart one time (because bug in the 2nd time) with visual studion.


@ francois910 - That is correct. When you start debugging with VS, the program was already running so it is restarted and you will get the bug.


Has this been fixed in the .NET MF latest bits?? i get this error all the time, i have a requirement for the watchdog now


This was fixed in the first SDK released after my reply three years ago. If you still have an issue with watchdog it’ll be best to create a new thread.

G30TH watchdog exception