Watch-out for the finger!

See what I mean - YouTube

All I wanna say is… OUCH!!!

As a woodworker, have wanted a SawStop. The guy had a great idea and implemented it. Nice American success story. If you buy any other type of saw today, you are blain asking for it. Tell your family and friends to get rid of their tablesaws and buy this and keep them out of ER. There still is one thing it does not solve. Kickback is just as deadly and is cause for at lease as many injuries. SS does have a riving knife std, so that reduces much of the kickback, but not all. Fine saw.

No way I am sticking my finger in there. I don’t care how fast it is.

One thing for sure, he used the right finger for demonstration :o.
Great invention.

Kickback is also a great issue. I am scared to death when operation a table saw. The blade is SO fast, it can launch the wood or worse, eat up my finger. At least one thing is solved now. :smiley:

Ouch, I just almost faint…

What do I do if I want to cut my hot dogs in half though? :wink:

When they came out with the SawStop I heard rumors that they tried to get its use forced by legislation. Nice idea if you can do it, pass legislation that says all table saws and similar tools must use a safety device that you happen to hold the patten to. While I think the idea and implementation is great, I’ve seen them work in person at a wood working show, I really hate when other people try to force things on everyone.

Wait, don’t THEY have the patent on the safety mechanism?

So basically, they’d lobby for something that would make their company the only producer of table saw in the US… Wonderful…

[quote]their company the only producer of table saw in the US… [/quote] And they can also offer others company licensing of their patents, which can make them a lot of revenues… Do they sell actions?

This inventor/carpenter (Dino) has a good story. He got in a car crash years ago and woke up in recovery. The guy next to him had just lost his hand in a tablesaw. After that, he invented his own track saw rail system. Cheaper and much safer that tablesaw and more portable. I am also a customer, good stuff.

Sure hate to ruin a good saw blade though. :smiley:

My dads a shop teacher at My high school and he got them to buy a saw stop, all i can say is wow. Its been triggered twice and every one is still ok! Its amazing. Btw, Gus, there is a switch to shut the sensing off, So you can cut very green wood, or yes, even a hot dog!

…so, you’d rather lose a finger, eh? :smiley: