Was this you?

I’d heard that people can go crazy on these deal days but this is just unbelievable. I bet GHI is glad they only do Internet sales!! :slight_smile:

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What is WRONG with some people?

And people wonder why I didn’t go out anywhere yesterday or today, however this is a good comparison between Black Friday shopping in the US and Canada.


How desperate you have to be?..
I am pretty sure I could live without a big TV just to avoid this type of mess.

It’s not about the merchandise. It’s a sport. The freaks are there to get a their mob frenzy on… to throw a few kicks and punches and make the evening news. It’s a great way to vent some capitalist bottom feeder anger. The chances of getting arrested are low.

Signs of the approaching apocalypse? Probably…

BTW - Just as many good deals online, shipped right to your door.

Yea, but it’s never fun to get liquored up and punch keys… :wink:

If I was someone from the future watching the old internet archives, I would have thought this was the start of the Zombie Apocalypse, which nearly wiped out mankind.

Yeah, not something a real nerd would say!

@ Gary - You know about the “Ballmer Peak”?

The funny thing that it’s actually working, at least on me…