Was anyone able to buy the Raspberry Pi for $35?

With announcement today @ 0600 GMT that the Raspberry Pi board is now officially on sale.
Looks like within a short time they are already gone. were any of you able to get yours ?


powerful and cheap

Raspberry I have just signed up to huge disty’s in the UK http://www.reghardware.com/2012/02/29/raspberry_pi_signs_big_name_sellers/ On sale now although RS currently says register for interest.

I went to my local RS site. They only had a “Fill in your details to register your interest in this product” form. So I completed the form.

i don’t know Linux, so I may not buy it. or Some one can port NETMF in it?

I dont know linux either. However with the advent of the beaglebone and Raspberry Pi being so cheap, yet loaded with features it would be wise of me to at least check into it. I have a Linux buddy that i am setting up a meeting with.

I think they are an ideal candidate for NETMF. I personally wouldn’t have a clue as to where to start with the porting, but I’m sure others who have that knowledge will make it happen.

The bad thing is that you need to sign an NDA with the cpu manufacturer to get the whole datasheet. The RasberryPi people has put together an abbreviated datasheet, excluding the GFX core, don’t know what else is excluded though.

This might imeded a port of MF.

And after trying to port MF to the STM32F417, using the code for the STM32F10X, I can tell you that it is no holiday to port MF… :slight_smile:

@ Errol: I’m reading your post as: “I have experience porting the NETMF and as such am more than happy to port it to the RasberryPi - I also have no problems with signing an NDA.”

Thanks Errol. :slight_smile:

;D ;D

Yes, I have experience in creating an MF device that formats itself during every bootup. Not just erases the user application, but the complete device. Clean as if it just came from the factory.

That isn’t a Value Added Feature that you would ask for in an MF product, is it? ;D

Another interesting offer:


I saw those too. arent they like $135?


pie and cotton candy? I’ll get some insulin ready…

Raspberry Pi Alternatives

On the day of launch of the raspberry, we couldn’t order one because the sites didn’t work. But, I was able to buy a Toradex Colibri T20 with Iris carrier board for 20Eur on embedded world. That board contains a nvidea tegra 2 dual core running at 1 Ghz :slight_smile: So I quickly forgot about the raspberry.

It boots windows ce 7 desktop in just 2 seconds.

[quote]Raspberry Pi Alternatives
But how many of those come close to the $35? Only the Arduno? And I don’t know why Arduno is even in the list as all the other boards can run Linux or WinCE.

I managed to get a preorder for the raspberry pi. It’s estimated to be delivered on 16th April.

Good deal, around 1/10th of its normal sales price!