Warning about ordering from Mouser

Just a warning about ordering GHI modules from mouser, I have had multiple occasions where I have ordered a module (mainly xbee and breakout modules) where there have been no 10cm cables included… the latest being 28 cables missing out of 32 modules!!! The cables aren’t exactly cheap to buy separately and I am not sure why it is happening!

@ networkfusion - We will check into it and in the mean time we will get some cables out to you tomorrow or Monday.


One more reason to love this company!


@ networkfusion - Which breakout are you talking about? The 5x Breakout, does not come with the cables, but the Breakout TB10 does.

@ Mike - It was TB10’s… Hence the post…

@ networkfusion - Just an update, we sent you out some cables today.


Thanks Gary. GHI and their community are definitely more impressive than most, exceptional given some others I have the displeasure of working with on a daily basis…