Wanted: EMX/Cobra users with routers running DD-WRT

Is there anyone here using a router running DD-WRT with their EMX/Cobra?

If so, please post here.


i have a rrouter running wrt and have a cobra. whats up?

Please shoot me an email. chris A.T chrisseto D.O.T com

Thanks. Anyone else…?

I have Linksys DD-WRT router but no EMX/Cobra :-(. Some sort of port forwarding issue going on?

I’m having a very, very, weird freezing issue. Nobody else has reported it, so it’s not any sort of major issue, but I need more people with Cobra’s and routers running DD-WRT to test to see if we can isolate DD-WRT as the problem.

Who knows. Maybe it’s something completely different. All I know is that I am a good couple hundred hours into testing and I can’t pin point the issue.

Again, there is NO major issue with the Cobra. It’s something weird on my end that’s provoking it.

Freezing of the Cobra or router? In the router, there is a watchdog function that can be setup. On my firmware version at least(V24-sp2). It’s setup is in the Administration tab then the Keep Alive sub tab.

The Cobra is freezing.

Note that out of hundreds or thousands of EMX out there, we are only seeing this with Chris’s setup