Wanna Select a distance and Obstacle identification sensor

I want to buy a Distance and Obstacle Identification sensor to use with my device which will be suite for this this device going to be used in outdoor,and also i need to use these sensor with FEZ Spider main board

this one should be easy to hook up. We have code example on code share site

code share? could you send me the link


thnx Architect,
how do i connect that sensor to extender module?

I’ve not used them with Gadgeteer but with my FEZ Domino:

Sharp IR (there are drivers by MarkH in the Code section of TinyCLR) seem to the popular choice.

Maxbotix and Parallax are available for Ultrasonic. The Maxbotix has drivers in the Code section as well (iirc also by MarkH).


Drivers – http://code.tinyclr.com/tag/distance-detector/

You are asking a lot of unbounded questions. :smiley:

Do you mean electrically connect or software connect?

For software, others have pointed you to available drivers for some devices.

For hardware connections, we need to know a little more about your background, and experiences.

If we have to find a sensor for you, research the technical specifications, and tell you how to wire it up, then you will not learn anything. I am sure you don’t want us to do your homework for you. ;D

opps, mike

I have some basic knowledge of electronic,but I’m going to build a device,for do that I need lot of help that’s why I’m asking lot of problems,coz I wanna success this device,if it happens it will help for lots of people in the world.

now I’m having some H/W problems with ma device,this is not my home work.this is a work for global, so any one can join with me and help with me, this is a device for BLIND people to assist them…

I suggest start with the beginners guide:


thnx Architect,
I’m reading all this things now a days,thnx for all i all your help to this…thanx again.