Waiting for a good graphics library

I’ve spent some of my weekend finishing off this design. The unit is a data logger and controller for remote installations. The 5" LCD has capacitive touch and the connection offers 4-20mA inputs, RS232, and isolated RS485. Power input is +12 to +24V. At present this will run Android for one customer but the design allows me to switch to the SCM20260D and I am working on the main board for this already. The LCD for the SITcore is footprint compatible with the Android one I am using so a simple module swap out.

Now, the reason for this post is that using Android is time-consuming to do the graphics XML files and tie it all together. It’s very flexible but complex to layout your designs. As my hardware is fixed-size screens, I don’t have to worry about making the layouts fit across devices. Android is also more power-hungry at around 6 watts and the testing last week of the SITcore dev kit with my custom 7" IPS LCD was around half this with the LCD at full brightness. The 5" version above should be less than 3 watts with the LCD on. In sleep, it will be far less.

This is why I am pushing to have something like Glide for TinyCLR2.0 as it would allow much faster development. In the old days of NETMF 4.3 I could put together a GUI design in a week. The current graphics UI in TinyCLR2/0 is just not up to scratch and has no visual impact. Everything is flat and has no visual feedback. Some like Glide with a desktop layout editor would be a real path forward for this unit. I have been impressed by the speed of the GUI already and that’s with the 1024x600 LCD I tested this week. Dropping back to 800x480 on the 5" will speed it up even more.

I also built a chassis for the SITcore dev kit with my 7" LCD so I can do beat testing of TinyCLR2.0 in a more relaxed setup on my bench. My little CNC machine got a good workout making these from 5mm acrylic. More testing ahead this week now that I can sit this on the bench without the LCD wobbling around.


Dave - I hear you but am still trying to push the current WPF like implementation.



I agree. The UI library is very powerful. It needs more documentation and examples.

We have looked into glide again and decided to first revisit the UI library

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Great. I look forward to some sample code on how to do all of this. I still can’t get the mouse_up event to fire. I have to apply the up state in the button_click call.

I would also still argue about making it auto adjust to screen size. Absolute positioning is ideal as very few will need this as our designs will be based on fixed screens. I doubt anyone will have multiple screen sized designs running the same GUI software.

Would you say this is less of a good library but more of good documentation for the current library, which, IMO is TBH, a bit lacking. Examples are great, but it would be better to have some meat on the bones.

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