Vs2010 express crashes occasionally

Does anyone else experience an issue where vs2010 express crashes, always happens first time on loading a project afetr boot and every so often after that, the crash isnt partuclarly serious in fact vs2010 reruns itself, so I think its a minor problem,

Anyone else experience this??

Nothing like that for me, no. :hand:

It happens to me once or twice at work (xp) but not as often as yours .

Check your usb port voltages, its usually something to do with usb connections.
I think the more you power from the usb the worse it gets.

Never happens at home (vista)

Cheers Ian

yes this is on XP the IT dept live in the stone age, well it makes it easier for them

btw it is still an absolute joy to use compared to eclipse code composer and friends

It happens occasionally for me at work (2010 ultimate, W7) however it’s nowhere near as bad as the 2010 Beta 2 release (that we were all using for production) which crashed 4-5 times a DAY.

You get used to it… lol

I think the best way is to buy a powered USB port or get a real decent stable 5v supply.

When my cobra is running on USB only all sorts of things went wrong… I bought a switched mode power supply ( about £6 ) … been great since…

Cheers Ian