VS2010 doesn't see some of the References/Assemblies, and I couldn't find 'GHIElectronics'!

Hi all,

VS2010 doesn’t see some of the References/Assemblies!!
(Labeled in red)

I couldn’t find ‘GHIElectronics’
(Labeled in orange)

the board is (FEZ Cerbuino Bee), the firmware is 4.2

Thnx in Advance :))

The most common mistake is not having the latest firmware. Please make sure you have the latest SDK, see release notes. After installation, make sure you’ve loaded the latest firmware on the device. The firmware is updated though the integrated updater software found under the start menu. If that fails, or if your device doesn’t have such software, you can always run the update manually.

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I’d start by uninstalling all GHI & Microsoft bits and reinstalling. Then remove all references from your C# project and add them back.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work!!

I uninstalled and installed them again more than one time, and now the Firmware version of the Cerbuino is 4.2 (as we can see in the screenshot) and the MFSDK is QFE2 4.2 as what the tutorial said…

Thnx any Way :slight_smile:

You are mixing old 4.1 code with 4.2. Change the using statements to proper assembly names found in documentation.

Example, GHI.OSHW.hardware

This is an old project that you opened. If you click on those references you will see under properties that “Specific Version” is set to “true”. This means that only that version of the assembly can be used, and you dont have that version installed. Just set Specific Version to false.

I also see that you have an emx assembly reference, which will not run on the Cerberus…

Hi all,

@ Gus: nice, so the assembly names in all the tutorials are 4.1 and must be changed to 4.2?

I think that the release notes didn’t mention this, so which documentation do you mean?
Thnx Gus for your great support :slight_smile:

@ GMod(Errol):

Hi dear, I don’t think so, it is already “false”…

@ Gus:

yea, I think I found it :):

[quote]Microsoft’s libs kept the same namespaces but GHI Electronics libs were changed and split into 2 types to cover different device types.

For example, the hardware lib in 4.1 was using GHIElectronics.NETMF.Hardware;

In 4.2 premium offers it is using GHI.Premium.Hardware and in OSHW offers it is using GHI.OSHW.Hardware

This page shows the differences between Premium and OSHW[/quote]

PetaByte, did you open someone else’s project or your own? If it’s one from a tutorial here make sure you let us know what one - remember that everything is just switching to 4.2 and there’s many of these kinds of things that will need refreshing

Hi Brett,

No dear, I created a new project, and then I copied the code from the tutorials here:

BTW: what if I didn’t update my FEZ Cerbuino Bee to 4.2, and I kept it as 4.1, it will not work at all right?

For Cerberus family, the first operating firmware was a 4.2 firmware, so you wouldn’t have made it work at all.

So in the end, as someone new to netmf, you hadn’t realised the examples needed tweaking for 4.2 Gus and team, probably a good reason to make sure we add that on tutorial pages as they’re updated.