VS1033D Help

I got the VS1033D Breakout (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10608) and I’m having some issues getting it to playback.

SPI seems fine since it’s responding as expected to things like setting the volume and then checking the volume but nothing’s playing. Here’s what I’ve got:

RST to IO11
DREQ to IO09
CS to IO15 AND IO16
SI to IO24/MOSI1
SO to IO25/MISO1
LEFT to 8ohm speaker
GBUF to 8ohm speaker
VCC to 3.3V Out

I took the VS1053 driver from the graphics example, changed the pins to match and ran.

Any suggestions?

Set the volume register to a known number, like 0x55 and then read it back. You should see the same value

Yup that was all returning fine. It ended up being the clock speed; taking it from MULT7 to MULT6 got it sorted. Thanks.

Oh…and GameSlate has sound now…WOOT! 8)