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VS Express 2012 for Desktop on Windows 7


This is both a question and information.

I am posting this because I did not see any reference to adding Templates to VS Express 2012 for Desktop in the GHI documents. Ref. Home > Support > .NET Micro Framework

I think that the document should include that installing the Templates is necessary.

I found the Templates at:


.NET Gadgeteer Core 2.42.700

(Download for GadgeteerCore.msi)

.NET Gadgeteer Builder Templates installer
(Download for GadgeteerBuilderTemplates.msi)

The question part of my post:

I installed the .NET Gadgeteer Core 2.42.700 (Shown above) but I am not sure I should have. Is this necessary or is it already part of GHI Software Package v4.2 May 1, 2013?


My edit was to fix a link that was broken when posting the original… Sorry…


You should only install what we list.


@ Gus -


I uninstalled Microsoft .Net Gadgeteer Core 2.42.700


Keep it simple, uninstall all and install only what we have in the list. You can skip VS if you have it already.