VS 2015 Templates?

I reinstall my PC with Windows 10 and Visual Studio 2015 and notice that the current Gadgeteer Setup has no Project Template for Visual Studio 2015. I dont want to install an “old” Version of Visual Studio only for Gadgeteer stuff.

Is there a release plan or is it possible to use the VS 2013 Templates ?


@ Roman2 - Unfortunately Gadgeteer is not yet supported in Visual Studio 2015.

When? ETA?

@ mtylerjr - Soon, maybe :smiley:


@ mtylerjr - not sure. We don’t maintain Gadgeteer.

Wait… who does?

Does this mean gadgeteer is going away?

It’s an open source project maintained by Microsoft.

Why would you assume that? We have just released many new gadgeteer products.

Even for netmf we are still officially only on VS2013. The VS2015 support for netmf and gadgeteer will come, sooner or later.