VS 2010 sp1

Anyone install yet? If so, any issues with NETMF?

I did, so far so good.



I do WPF at my day job, and the designer has been less than fun to use since it was added in VS08. It is now supposed to perform better and has intellisense. We’ll see… Also check out built-in support for (newly released) IIS Express, as a replacement for Cassini.

I use express… I don’t think the update applies to express! Does it?

Cheers Ian

It is for all versions. This is from the SP download page:

Please Note: This installer is for all editions of Visual Studio 2010 (Express, Professional, Premium, Ultimate, Test Professional).

The web installer is good for only pulling down what your version needs. The iso file for ‘the whole shebang’ is a whopping 1.2GB, but is nice to have if you support several versions/seats.

How did you guys with VS2010 SP1 get your projects to load? I just get the error “The project type is not supported by this installation”. I’ve also tried to create a new project, but after creation, the IDE can’t open it and gives me the same error message.

Did you install Microsoft’s NETMF SDK? Not GHI’s SDK, but Microsoft’s?