VS 2010 Designer allows missmatched socket connections

Firstly Hello All,

I have just started my journey into NETMF and Gadgeteer and and am looking to build a Gadgeeteer based aquarium controller. Have just received my first order comprising of of a Cobra II (Wifi), T43, ISOx16, DL40 and some breakout modules and hooked it up for some rudimentary tests. Have so far updated the firmware and deployed a simple Glide test for the display - all looking good so far, but have come into a slight problem when adding the Relay Module. Turns out it is not possible to connect the ISOx16 Relay module and the T43 display to the Cobra II at the same time as after adding the LCD, there are no spare Y sockets that can be used - looks as though I will have to wait for the Cobra II Ext module to be released to achieve this.

However in the VS2010 Gadgeteer designer if you add a Cobra II, T43 and ISOx16 and connect all modules - the designer will allocate Socket 6 for the relay module (see attached image) however Socket 6 does not support Type Y and an error message will be generated on deployment. On checking the socket properties in the designer, there are socket types listed that are not supported for all of the sockets - would this be a Gadgeteer/VS issue or a problem with the GHI package allowing port connection configurations that are not supported?

I am using Windows 7 64 bit, Visual Studio 2010 and GHI Package 2013-02-14.

Also would plugging a Y socket module into an X socket on the main board harm them at all?

Cheers, Keith.

Some sockets are more or less compatible, have a look at :


And compare Y and X

It also depends on if the driver has been written to support both x and y sockets.
There is a general compatabity but definitely check.

@ Keith - The reason for this is in the last release of the Relay module driver, it was given socket type ‘S’, since it uses SPI (software SPI not traditional SPI) to interface with the module, but all code is written for a Y type socket. Since socket 6 is types ‘S’ and ‘X’, the module is currently allowed to use that socket. This issue will be fixed in the next SDK.

Thanks guys, compared X and Y and should be OK.

@ Steven - can I just confirm that with the next SDK the relay will only support ‘Y’ or will the newer release add support for ‘S’?


Yes this is meant to be socket Y strictly. Using S is possible but we do not support it on the relay module.