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VolumeInfo does not provide some data


I have noticed that VolumeInfo does not provide .VolumeLabel and .SerialNumber for memory cards. Serial number is always zero and volume label is always “NO NAME”. I have tried three cards:

  • SanDisk 4 GB microSDXC, FAT32
  • SanDisk 2 GB microSD, FAT16
  • Nokia 512 MB MMC, FAT16

Is there any way to fix this? I am particularly interested in reading serial numbers.


The behavior you observed is correct. Those fields are not currently populated with the actual data.


Is it possible in any way to read serial number?


We do not currently provide a way to get raw access to the card where you could read that data yourself.


If so, I would like to add it as a feature request.


We will look into adding it in a future release.


@ iamin -

Name and Size of Volume class are fixed on 4.3


@ Dat -
Are you talking about VolumeLabel and SerialNumber fields? IIRC, Size and Volume fields were working fine in 4.2.


Size max is 4GB, Volume is alway NO NAME, they were on 4.2. They are correct in 4.3

But why SerialNumber was not in our list? :think:


I see, that’s great news! If it is not very complicated (time consuming), maybe you could consider looking at SerialNumber field while you haven’t totally stopped working with VolumeInfo class.