Visual Studio Third Party Tools

Hi all

What are your favorite tools (addons…) that enhance your efficiency while coding on visual studio?

I have (and use):
.NET Reflector (RedGate)
Productivity Power Tools (MS)
Snipped Designer (Matthew Manela)
VSCommands (Suqared Infinity) (Free version)

ReSharper is a gotta have.


This gives already a good starting point.

I have installed the .net performance pack from redgate, but I don’t know if it is usefull for .netmf coding. In fact I would like to enhance my programming experience by a tool that guide me to discover bottleneck of my netmf application (reducing memory usage and runtime).

Redgate Ants profiler - can be a Very illuminating tool

Never tried it in netmf tho…

In fact I do not succeed to use the ants profiler. I think that he try to launch the project on the computer to trace execution but loading a .netmf assembly fails on a windows desktop.

@ leforban - not surprised…

If you use VS 2012 ULTIMATE, then check out Code Map, it’s a new and an awesome feature…

oooooo now that looks nice! As a novice-ish programmer I sometimes find it difficult to visualise my code tree and how it all hooks together. The code map will free up some cycles in the old grey matter.

Anyone tried 2012 with gadgeteer with any joy?

Not so much Joy then :slight_smile: Thanks for the info andre.m i think i will hold off going to 2012 till its oficially supported.