Visual Studio project can no longer be deployed: hardware error

So I’m working on my computer. Compiling deploying the whole time,
without any problems. When… out of the blue I get:

No matter what I do, I cannot fix it.

Still on the same computer, I create a new project…
deploys like a charm no problem.

I go back to the other project … same problem again…

What is going on?

Not sure how you current project got messed up, but it should never happen… So keep on using the new project.

Did you create the project that doesn’t work with an old version of the SDK?

I have had that problem as well. What worked for me was to unplug usb and power (if applicable) and plug it back in. Then go to the project properties and switch to the emulator and back to USB. Hope that helps.

Yes, that’s a working work-around. I often got this with domino, but I did have it occasionally with cobra too.

Just unplug and plug it back, it works. Seems like it needs a hard reset then… :stuck_out_tongue: