Visual Studio problem when debuggind multiple devices

I’m working on a project where I use two modules, a cerb40 and a Hydra.
Both are connected on the same computer.
I open two instances of Visual Studio 2010, I load the two visual studio projects and when I start debugging the cerb40 instance tries to write the firmware on the Hydra. I have to reflash the Hydra firmware after that.
I select the correct device on each project settings but the problem exists.

I have to disconnect the one device when I want to upload the firmware to the other device. I cannot debug both of them at the same time.

Do you know any work around?

I don’t know how to answer your question, but think for GHI to help you might need to clarify - you say “firmware” a lot but do you just mean deploying your project ? That isn’t technically the firmware.

Can you also tell us what version of the GHI SDK you have installed, as that is probably relevant; in fact, if you could connect both devices, and capture screenshots of how they both show up in Device Manager and also the driver properties page/s that’d also add more info to the request.

Use MFDeploy to change the “friendly name” of the device to something other than “gadgeteer” and then from project properties select the device you want.

Brett, you are right.
To clarify what happens:
I try toupload my firmware (from Visual studio) to the device. When the Hydra project tries to update the cerb40 instead of the Hydra there is not enough memory so nothing happend.
When the cerb40 project tries to update the Hydra instead of the Cerb40 then the Hydra stops responding.I have to reset the Hydra (using pins 8 & 10), install the tinybooter, the firmware.hex and the config.hex

I’ll try what Gus suggested and I’ll let you know if it worked.

I changed the friendly name of the device and then I had a new problem.

After each reset, the Hydra changed its’ device name. The one time it had the original device name and the other time it had the new name I gave to it.

Anyway, I found a simple solution. I installed VS on a second computer (a 6 years old laptop :slight_smile: ) and I use two computers at the same time, one for the one Gadgeteer board and one for the other.