Visual Studio Installation taking forever

I am trying to install the latest VS2013 Community Edition and it’s stuck on the “Configuring your system. This might take a while” for about 2 hours now.

Looking in task manager it only shows 1 to 4% of CPU time and the hard drive light is flashing on an off but not solid.

This is under Windows 10.

Anyone else seen this?

PS… I already did a reboot and then started the installation so that nothing else was running.

Is it running with Admin rights?

@ Dave McLaughlin - is there an update happening?

Not that I can see.

Ah wait, just as I typed the above I now see in the install window “Another Installation is in progress. Please wait to try again” which is strange as only one installation should be running just now. It stopped and asked to wait and offered retry.

I went into task manager and shutdown all installations. There was 2 running but no CPU time being used.

Now the installation is going again.

I had this problem when I was trying to install the android (3rd party) stuff as part of my vs2015 installation, but I had an incompatible (older) version of Java installed, and it hung up on that part.

I uninstalled the android SDK and Java, and tried again, and then it worked.

Your problem may be unrelated since it is vs2013, but that’s what worked for me in a similar situation