Visual Studio - Gadgeteer Code Generator Issue

This is for people who spotting problems with the auto generated code while starting a new Gadgeteer project.

In the past few days, since I recived my Gadgeteer Spider Starter Kit, I had some trouble with starting new Gadgeteer projects. I recived the following error in Visual Studio and the auto generated code in gadgeteer.program.cs only shows one line “ErrorGeneratingOutput”:

//translated from german
Error 1 exception while processing an directive named “GadgeteerDSL”. The transformation would not executed. Following exception was thrown:
System.FormatException: directive arguments must have the following format “Name=Value”.
in Microsoft.VisualStudio.TextTemplating.RequiresProvidesDirectiveProcessor.ParseArgument(String argument) and so on…

I tried to reinstall Visual Studio 2010 Express, the .NETMF and all Gadgeteer SDK’s but the problem still exist.

I solved the problem by switching the project path shown above in the error to the standard path:
C:\Users\UserName\Documents\Visual Studio 2010

So the problem is generated by using non standard directory names like “=Test=”.

Just for your interest. 8)

Thanks for sharing. We will forward this to the right people.