Visual Studio 2015 (problem) extension (how to resolve it)

taken files from

Installed MicroFrameworkSDK.MSI (from 4.3Q2)

and installed into different pc on which some of them have VS 2013 (netfvs2013.vsix) and some other VS 2015(netfvs14.vsix and patched files) VS 2015 after certain time it stopped deployment (and not recognized my development board) - tested with Nucleo STM32F411RE (4,3,1 firmware and 4,4 firmware)

I found that VS 2015 - updated extension by itself automatically and that cause problem (from 4.3 to 4.4) which update MFDeploy 4.3 to new version 4.4 and this cause problem.

What i did is in Visual Studio 2015 menu :

Tools →
Extension and Updates …

remove .NET Micro Framework 4.4  extension
close Visual Studio 2015

install netfvs14.vsix from NetFramework 4.3Q2 SDK
again open Visual Studio 2015 Menu
Tools →
Extension and Updates …
uncheck automatically update to .Net Micro Framework 4.3

after that i have no more problem with Visual Studio 2015 and .NET Micro Framework 4.3 Q2
and now it work same as in Visual Studio 2013

hope this will help others with this kind of problem