Visual Studio 2013 Support

I noticed that there is no support for Visual Studio 2013 are there any plans for this to be added soon?

I would like to upgrade all my projects to 2013 to make use of Visual Studio Online and Source Control.


@ ChicagoWay - First, Microsoft has to announce support for VS2013 for the Micro Framework.

@ andre.m - GHI doesnt need to do anything to support VS2013…

4.3 yes, but not VS2013

@ Justin - Even not for the Gadgeteer stuff?

@ Reinhard Ostermeier - as mike said, it needs MS to support netmf in vs2013 or you can follow Jans wiki and do it now if you cant wait. The GHI sdk will just magically work.

Link man Link to the wiki article.

Do we start whipping @ Justin now to get Microsoft to do stuff :slight_smile: ??