Visual Studio 2012 Deploying is still slow

Having decided to try VS2012 again I recently upgraded VS 2012 Express to Update 3 and the issue with Bitmap files in the resources seems to be fixed but the deploy time is way too long compared to VS2010.

Is there any workaround for this or is it something we have to live with at the present time?

I like some of the features in VS2012 so would be nice if I could run with it but this slow deploy makes debugging a tedious task.

I am running this under Windows 7 64 bit Ultimate.

Use the winusb drivers.

Thanks Gus, that worked.

2 seconds this time.

how do you use the WinUSB driver? is not used by default?

tells me that the sortware is already updated, but work on VS 2012 is very slow.
during debugging a step (F10 key) lasts longer than 2 sec and 10s to inspect variables.

You may receive errors like this if you attempt to ‘update’ the drivers with the WinUSB package. It is safer to ‘Uninstall’ the driver from device manager before attempting to install the WinUSB driver package for it.

I uninstalled the driver, when I try to install the WinUSB driver I get the error "invalid file hash contact the hardware vendor …"
My system is a virtual machine on mac osx W8 + Parallels Desktop 9

get them from this thread:

There is a known issue that will be addressed in the next SDK’s release that is not far (weeks max I’d expect) away.

@ luca_santoro - what board are you using? the OSHW boards do not work with virtual machines. all of the premium boards, with the exception of the Raptor, work with VMs.

I use Fez Cobra II mainboard.

Fez Raptor don’t work with virtual machine?

Fez Raptor in the future will be compatible with virtual machine?

We plan on doing some testing on Mac and seeing if we can make improvements for virtual machines in the future.

I installed the driver and now works fine.

Thanks for the help.

Suggestion for GHI - perhaps noting on the resources page where it talks about support for the Raptor board that it does not work if you are using a virtual machine?

I had been using a Spider board successfully with a VM. Got my new raptor board and spent a good couple hours trying things wondering why it was not working until I eventually happened on this thread.

(Now using bootcamp on a mac it is working fine).

The SDK coming in few days defaults to the new drivers so it should be not an issue in the future. Sorry for any confusion. We are always looking to improve the software and the documentation.

Did you tested it? Does the Raptor works with VM?

It doesn’t make sense to me, since Parallels maps the USB to Windows.
I use Parallels, and just finished a project with FEZ Spider that went pretty fine through the VM. (Parallels 8 + W8.1)
The only issue I had with it, was updating the firmware, for some reason it does not work with USB 3.0 I had to plug it to a USB 2.0 device and update the firmware.

I’m planning to buy a FEZ Raptor within the next few days, if it works with VM.

Unfortunately we are working on higher priority items now. We will test in the future though.

@ DeLL - the raptor does not work with fusion VMs. I assume the same applies to parallels VMs.

I have tested with latest SDK.

I wiped out the account of the spammer and deleted the replies since they do not make sense now.

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