Visual Development tool based on Cobra

Hi guys,

We at Zenodys have been very busy for the last year. We have been working on an easy-to-use visual development tool that takes away the need for programming.
We have also developed Zenobox, based on Cobra, that makes connectivity easy.

So everything here’s about simplicity.
At the moment we are also working to support Raspberries and other devices that will run Windows 10 IoT Core.

Moreover, we’ve just launched an open beta.

More information:



Any feedback would be great!

Big thanks,



Good job guys, that’s exactly something I was looking for! You even have RLP component :slight_smile:

Would it be possible to translate your web App to other languages?

Thanks for feedback Simon.

If there is interest it could be translated to other languages. We are just little limited with resources.

And thank you for great RLP tutorials :slight_smile:

I’d really love to try this for real. I have CobraII; is there an EAP program or something?..

@ Simon from Vilnius - Thanks, we’ll prepare instructions and i’ll PM you