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Visual C# 2010 Microsoft Express speedup upgrade - Yes or No?


Visual C# 2010 speedup upgrade - Yes or No?
On my windows taskbar every so often
I am asked to speed up my Visual C# Express 2010 software
with some automation software from Microsoft.
Is it worth it or not?


I have never seen that… be careful…


Sounds like some spam to me but I am not sure!


The pop-up he’s talking about is Microsoft pushing out the new Windows Automation API 3.0. If that pop-up is clicked on it will forward you to

I don’t see any way it would harm FEZ development nor do I see where it would improve it. It deals mostly with pen services, test automation and accessibility tools in the various windows operating systems.There’s full documentation of the automation API at but I see no mention of .NET MF at all.

Just my $0.02



Yes you should be okay