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Virtualbox, xp virtual machine



I 'm looking seriously at a domino or cobra for project but currently use VS2008 for my PC based telemtry processing code and do n’t want to move off VS2008 because of limitations in VS2010.

I’ve been bitten hard in the past by co locating 2 versions of VS on the same host, so I’m not party to that either.

So my thoughts would be a seperate Virtual machine guest, I use VirtualBox I wondered if the toolset works (esp ) the USB ports…(I fell foul of this with a stm arm 32 demo board…grumble grumble grumble

So question is does the overall development environment, virtual com drivers, downloader debug work from with a virtualbox client…

thanks, I did search …



I have VS2005, 2008, and 2010 on one PC with no issues. The biggest problem with multiple versions is that you must install the oldest one first and work up. Installing a beta version of VS has been known to cause problems before though when trying to upgrade.

What ‘limitation’ prevents your switch to VS 2010?


I could not get it working on a virtual box. The usb was the issue i tried this a many moons ago though.


I have had the toolset working on win7 using vmware.


Limitations in VS2010?


use either vm ware or if you are using windows 7 (professional or higher) you can download xp mode for free.